The backpack is the most convenient and practical invention in the world of bags. It is very versatile and can be adapted for any task from the military medicine transportation to regular school needs.

City Backpacks

Backpacks are very useful for an active people in the urban jungle. It allows you to wear for hours 5-7 kilograms of weight without discomfort, leaves your hands free, reliably protects fragile equipment like a laptop or camera. Of course, if it’s about the right city backpack. But not all backpacks are equally convenient and useful. We will help you to choose the right one that will meet your expectations.

Travel Backpacks

Each journey always begins with picking up a backpack. This part of your equipment determines how comfortable will be the travel. Therefore, choose the backpack careful, they are not all alike.

There is no universal backpack for hiking, so you should figure out which one is the most suitable.

First of all, determine the volume of the backpack. Extremes in size are equally fraught. It is often impossible to pack all the necessary things in a small backpack. Too big backpack will be filled with completely unnecessary things, increasing the weight. The optimal amount depends on the type of travel, on your age, height and sex, etc. For youngsters 10-13 years old the volume should not exceed 40-50 liters (1 liter = 61 cubic inches), for boys and girls from 14 to 17 years – 65-80 liters. For weekend and country trips 40-65 liters will be enough.

For more serious campaigns, the following volumes are usually recommended:

  • hiking: men 80-130 liters, women 60-80 liters;
  • mountain tourism: men 100-110 liters, women 65-80 liters;
  • water and ski tourism: men 130 liters and more, women 80-100 liters.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account individual physical characteristics. After all, a fragile guy can not carry a 70-liter backpack, a cute little girl and a 100-liter one does not interfere with a walking mountainside.

Backpacks for bike trips (“bike racks”, installed on the trunk) are selected based on other considerations:

  • bike tours without overnight stay – 30-50 liters. An ordinary city backpack is also suitable
  • initial complexity rides – up to 75 liters;
  • complex trips – up to 100 liters;
  • very complex trips – from 100 liters and more.

A backpack is the best friend and companion of a traveler, the main attribute of any trip. It provides comfort, but can also turn the campaign into torture. To avoid this, you should become a master of backpack choosing. Or you can simply read our recommendations :).

Choosing a Backpack – Short Recommendations

Read our reviews or (and) listen to experienced travelers whose opinion can be trusted.

In a good backpack are very important the design and quality. Therefore, briefly recommendations are:

  • The fabric should be strong and waterproof. Cordura, perhaps, the ideal material for a backpack, but it is quite expensive. You can easily choose the model you like from another decent fabric for everyday and city use.
  • Pay attention to plastic accessories. Duraflex or Nexus are very good. Such accessories does not cause a big increase in the price, but significantly increases its reliability.
  • YKK zippers.
  • The material that contacts the back should be soft but reliable. Air-vent back system is highly desirable.
  • Straps should easily pass through the adjusting buckles.

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