Insulated Backpacks from Picnic at Ascot

Insulated lunch bags have been a common item on store shelves for several years now. Additionally, insulated soft sided coolers have become popular.

Both products help consumers to keep food cool and fresh longer, because an ice pack can be used to keep food chilled. And although insulated lunch bags and soft sided coolers are really useful for someone who wants to take perishable food with them to the park, beach, or on a road trip, these insulated food carriers are generally quite small. Because of their small size, these insulated food carriers can be limiting for a family or group who needs to carry food and keep it cool.

A fantastic upgrade from smaller insulated lunch bags and soft sided coolers, is an insulated backpack from the company Picnic at Ascot. Picnic at Ascot manufactures several lines of insulated backpacks. These insulated backpacks are the size of a traditional backpack, but the largest zip compartment is completely insulated. This large insulated space makes carrying quite a large amount of food to an outing or on a road trip extremely convenient. The insulated compartment of a Picnic at Ascot backpack is easily large enough to pack a meal for two to six people.

Another great element of the Picnic at Ascot insulated backpacks is that they have an insulated drink pouch connected to main part of the pack. This insulated drink pouch is large enough for a bottle of wine or large water bottle. The insulated drink pouch can also be detached if necessary.

One of the most unique things about Picnic at Ascot Insulated backpacks is that the front zipper compartment actually folds down to reveal dishes, drinkware, napkins, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers. Each of these items are secured by an elastic band or straps that snap shut.

Some styles of Picnic at Ascot insulated backpacks actually contain a small cutting board and spreader knife as well. Combined with the insulated drink pouch that is just the right size for a bottle of wine, these backpacks are perfect for bringing along cheese and wine to an outdoor concert or other event.

The fact that the Picnic at Ascot insulated backpacks are so much easier and more convenient to carry than smaller insulated lunch bags and soft sided coolers makes this product a better choice for those who would like to keep their hands free.

Picnic at Ascot insulated food carriers and backpacks range in price from about $35 to more than $100. To view all the Picnic at Ascot insulated food carrier styles, check out the Picnic at Ascot website online.

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